13-Jan-1978 to 21-Mar-2009

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Ananyaa Madhur Sharma miss u chacha.....miss u a lot
26.07.2011 at 12:01
Anantaa Madhur Sharma LOve you and MISS you Chintu Chacha
26.07.2011 at 12:00
Shivam Sharma hiii i dont know so much about army but u all (soldiers) are my favourite heros ,
no one other than soldiers can give there life for their country citizens "HATS OF TU ALL OF U " JAI HIND
18.07.2011 at 1:36
Ashutosh Malik What can one say? Just wanted to pay my respect. I am not in the Army but it would have been an honour to serve with him and people like him. Best regards.28.06.2011 at 22:39
Surabhi Madhur Sharma 16.05.2011 at 22:13
Neena Kalyan There they are....to be remembered forever.....inscribed in golden letters....THE REAL HEROES...THE REAL MEN....feel very proud to be an INDIAN....16.05.2011 at 22:56

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